345 - Love, Believe, Proud

What is 345? It represents three statements: I Love You, I Believe in You, I am Proud of You. Three words, four words, five words. Or, simply 345. These are words we tell our loved ones daily, and words that we love to hear back from them. 345 gives you an opportunity to convey these three powerful statements in a simple, visual way.

My 345 Inspiration

Hi, I'm Julio Rodriguez, President of 345. I found a way to convey these three sentences - I Love you, I Believe in You, and I am Proud of You in a simple, easy way. I was inspired by my daughter, Jessica, who had been struggling with addiction for years. Every day, I made sure to tell her one of these statements to help her stay strong during her battles. When she moved away, I wondered every night if she was ok and hoped she was with someone who could comfort her. I longed for a way to tell her all three statements at once in a simple, visual way. 345 is the way to this. I could give her an item with 345 on it and she would always remember that she was loved, believed, and my pride and joy. I then thought of my other three daughters. Each one had their own unique achievements and challenges. Alena was deciding between two jobs. Ari had just graduated from high school and nervous about the future. Nicky was recently married and starting a new life with her husband. These are moments in life that we all have and can use a message like 345 to keep us going.

Your 345 Inspiration

I'm sure that you are thinking of a loved one who just got married, or recently graduated, or played in their first sports competition. Maybe a friend of yours just had a child, or is starting a new career. Or, maybe, someone you love is struggling with addiction or depression, like my daughter Jessica. 345 is a simple, visual way for you to let them always know that you Love them, Believe in them, and are Proud of them. This is a message for everyone, for any occasion.

Giving Back
I'm also proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to a cause near and dear to my heart... the many veterans that serve this great country! 
I served 12 years in the Utah Army National Guard reaching 1LT status, and that's why I've chosen Gary Sinise Foundation as our charity partner. Make a difference in the lives of those you love, and those who serve our country.

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